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The book Is...Rather Leisurely Paced, Perhaps Even A Little Rambly

25 points about the book, including:
#3: [House] is a Gothic horror novel for kids, and it’s genuinely spooky. For one thing, it’s about a house with a goddamned clock in its walls! And not just any clock, but a doomsday clock that, when it goes off, will bring about the end of the world. The book’s protagonist, Lewis Barnavelt, along with his Uncle Jonathan, can hear the clock ticking all throughout their house, but they cannot find it. (The evil wizard who made and hid the clock cast a spell that causes the clock’s ticking to sound the same from inside every wall). And so neither the heroes nor the reader know when the clock will go off and cause the world to end. Which is like . . . Christ!

...and interesting point:
#17: Another missed opportunity: Lewis at one point resurrects a dead person, which is great...but he never once even thinks about resurrecting his dead parents, which - well, isn’t that damned peculiar?
...plus this nice tidbit:
#6: Receiving and rereading the book prompted me to check out the John Bellairs website, Bellairsia, which is fun and informative, including providing other other things reading guides for young and old readers alike.

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