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The Dolphin Cross

Review: The Dolphin Cross
by the Big Bad Bald Bastard

Much of the manuscript is a prison narrative, with Prospero alternately killing time, and devising a means to escape from his captivity.

So, for much of the narrative, our protagonist sits in lonely exile on a tiny, remote island, until he is able to escape with the aid of a magical MacGuffin which he finds when he makes a thorough search of his environs.

The published draft of this, the first third of the book, is a tantalizing glimpse of what might have been. While it's not the equal of The Face in the Frost (it's a draft, so it's not very polished), it does feature Bellairs' trademark blend of humor and horror, though the horror is not quite as unsettling as that in "TFitF". The dangers presented in the plot are more concrete, less existential. There is, though, one moment in which I had to pause in my reading to howl "NOOOO!!!", an experience which most Bellairs fans would no doubt share, especially since the book is unfinished, so the actuality of the plot hook remains up in the air.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Thanks for the link to my review of The Dolphin Cross. I have to imagine that you howled "NOOOOO!!!" at the same point in the book as I did.

I consoled myself by saying, "The vision was a falsehood... definitely a falsehood."

Terence Martell said...

Calling Brad Strickland!