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Full Of Adventure and Mystery

What a great book. The Revenge of the Wizards Ghost is the type of book which will be well suited to the people who like to read horror, adventures and mystery type books. This book is full of adventure and mystery. In this book there is a character named Johnny who is under control of an evil minded wizard who is a ghost. This ghost is behind Johnny’s life. Johnny lives with his grandparents. His two good friends’s who live in the neighborhood, a professor and his classmate are trying to save his life. They need to get something from the mansion of the evil ghost and his family. In order to get that they go through a lot of problems and you could read how. I will rate this book 5 star for the types of ideas, voice, and suspense it creates for the reader. It is well written and the reason is that it does not make it always obvious to tell the reader that his friend’s would succeed. Go now and take it!
Adnan Hussaini

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