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I Was Very Amused By Emerson And Miss Eells In This Book

This is the last of the four Anthony Monday books ever written. Miss Eells and her brother Emerson are going up to a cottage in Canada for the summer, and 13-year-old Anthony is eager to join them. Miss Eells worries that he’ll be bored, on an island without television or electricity, with only two people for company (both of them pushing seventy!) Without any close friends his own age, Anthony knows he’ll be miserable if he stays at home, and there’s one other inducement: Emerson has reason to suspect that there is something supernatural about the cottage. Three tourists he rented it to in a previous summer all disappeared, and were never heard from again.

When they get to the cottage, they find everything quiet and peaceful, although both Anthony and Miss Eells feel the place has a sinister atmosphere. Then Anthony finds an old chest in one of the empty rooms, and discovers that it contains the doorway to another dimension, a dimension where a cabal of evil wizards who calls themselves the Autarchs are plotting to destroy the world.

After their path to that world is shattered, it seems there’s no hope of Anthony, Emerson, or Miss Eells being able to fight the Autarchs. That is, until Anthony and Miss Eells make a strange discovery during a drive in the country.

I was very amused by Emerson and Miss Eells in this book, particularly a scene where Miss Eells—a very nice woman but prone to swearing and saying exactly what’s on her mind—has to spend hours being polite at a dinner party. Her rather desperate cheeriness was hilarious.


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