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The Book Is Addictive...I Couldn't Put It Down

The House with a Clock in its Walls is a book about a struggle between the forces of good and evil. It is time for the world to end, and the owners of a mansion think that there is a clock somewhere in the walls of the house and that clock will determine the end of the world. They are trying to find that clock and the past owners are trying to stop them. The past owners are not only evil, but they are extremely powerful in witchcraft.

The first two characters we meet are Jonathan, the present house owner and a little boy who has come to live with him, and he thinks his uncle (Jonathan) is very suspicious. The little boy was not very active and had no friends his age so he became lonely. John looks more like his nephew; they are both overweight. Every boy in the county made fun of him until a new friend came along and helped him. This boy was named Tarby. Tarby helped Lewis become a better athlete so Lewis felt more comfortable. John also has a friendly neighbor, Mrs. Zimmerman. Mrs. Zimmerman is a kind old lady who is sort of a helper around the house for John. They all enjoy playing cards. Isaac, the dead owner of the house, is a creepy and mysterious old man who wants the world to end so he can be reborn again with his wife. Isaac's wife is the same as him, but in the story she acts more dreadfully mean than he was.

I liked this book very much because of the story and the suspense. What I thought should be changed was the characters and the beginning or the introduction to the story.

This book is addictive, once you pick it up you can't leave it alone. I was always anxious to find out what happens next. I couldn't put it down, chapter after chapter there was this tense or exciting moment and every turn of the page makes you won't to find out more, and the plot keeps on thickening.

Luay / Bookchoice

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