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A Suspenseful, Scary Book That Adds In Some Magical Elements

This spooky adventure is set in New Zebedee, Michigan where best friends Lewis and Rose Rita discover a very unusual house in the woods. Not only is this house unlike any other house in town, but it also has strange sounds and ghostly figures surrounding it. As Lewis and Rose Rita try to investigate this odd discovery, they hear the loudest drum booms coming from within the house. To Lewis these are bone chilling sounds

Lewis’s Uncle Jonathan, a sorcerer, and their neighbor, Mrs. Zimmerman, a powerful witch, explain that the house is called the Hawaii House and was built in the late 1800’s by a sea captain for his Hawaiian princess wife. Mysteriously, all the occupants died in their sleep and thus the house has never been occupied since. That is until David and his parents move in.

Lewis and Rose Rita befriend David when he becomes the target of the school bullies. They, along with Uncle Jonathan and Mrs. Zimmerman learn more about the evil spirits that are within the Hawaii House. In time, it becomes obvious how much David and his parents are finding the house a difficult place in which to live.

This is a suspenseful, scary book that adds in some magical elements. If you like reading a fantasy, or a mystery or even a scary story, you’ll enjoy The House Where Nobody Lives.

Wendy / Park Ridge Public Library blog (Park Ridge, IL)

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