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A Slim Volume Of Inspired Foolishness

Today, in the midst of a heart-straining morning getting a new Passport (on which I will reflect later,) I happened to pick up a slim volume of inspired foolishness titled, "St. Fidgeta and other Parodies" by John Bellairs. The "Question Box Moderator," using something of the same style of questions and answers used by Tobias, received the following and answered:
Q. If an Anglican priest converts to Catholicism, are all the confessions he heard before his conversion invalid?

"St. Fidgeta," patron of fidgeting children, is wonderfully written of in "St. Fidgeta and other Parodies." Too bad the book is out of print. I got mine at A Big Jar Bookstore in Philadelphia. As is appropriate, the fly lief suggests that the book was stolen from the public library. That doesn't bother me too much. I forever hope that people will take copies of the Book of Common Prayer home with them. We ought to take the slogan, "Steal this Book" and stamp in on every bible and prayer book in church. Maybe someone will take us up on the offer.

If the Rector of all Lewes reads this post he knows what his present is for Sunday next, on which occasion he has to preach, we hope, to a not to fidgety congregation.

Mark Harris / PreludiumArts

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