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Bellairs’s Story And Gorey’s Pictures Are Satisfyingly Frightening

For devotees of the genre, here’s the genuine article, a ghost story guaranteed to raise hackles. Young Lewis arrives to live with his uncle, Jonathan, when his parents die, and he is delighted with the new house. It has secret passages, stained glass windows and all kinds of surprises. Almost at once, he finds that his uncle and a neighbor, a motherly soul named Mrs. Zimmermann, are witches but dedicated to good works. They are trying to find a clock hidden in the walls of Jonathan’s house, left there by the former owners, both bad witches. The clock goes on ticking and the three must find and stop it before it strikes and marks the end of the world. In the chilling finale, good conquers evil, of course. Bellairs’s story and Edward Gorey’s pictures are satisfyingly frightening.

Publishers Weekly
Vol. 203, No. 13, March 26, 1973, p. 70

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